Thursday, July 6, 2017

On life

All these time, all these years, all these hard works, all these accomplishments, all these riches, all these relationships, and it’s only going to take a jiffy to leave. Forever.

Death is the ultimate leveler, they say. They say it lays its icy hands on kings and on peasants all the same. Leveler, all right. But how is it fair when it perishes all young and old, rich and poor, sick and healthy, all the same? Shouldn’t the young be given enough time to grow old? Poor to get rich? Sick to get healthy?

Then, why did she have to leave so soon? Wasn’t she only 15? Wasn’t she supposed to lady up, go to college, find a job, marry and have a happily ever after? Wasn’t that what fairy tales taught her? She did believe in fairies, so then why didn’t they come to her rescue?

Why did he have to die, oh so sudden? Wasn’t he always that careful sober driver? He was his mother’s only hope in her old age, now what will happen of her?

How astonishing it happened to her! Wasn’t she so gaily crossing the street just yesterday?

Why him? Wasn’t he the kindest I know? Doesn’t he deserve some more time to see his children grow into beautiful humans he created?

We had waffle over breakfast just last summer and now you are no more? How am I to believe this?

Why him?

Why her?

For the first time I saw someone die right in front of my eyes. He turned cold and blue and stared helplessly. I have always thought I won’t be able to handle such sight, but it wasn’t even scary when it happened, only I-wish-I-could-help-ry.

So, apparently, that’s what’s going to happen to all of us, right? One day we are all going to run short of breathe and turn blue (Pity, the blacks wouldn’t won’t even get this chance, sorry bad racist joke.) and stare. Lucky be those who would get to see their loved ones before they shut their eyes never to open again. 

I wonder what will cross my mind when it’s my last. Will I think of the many pending drawings to approve? Or will I think of the completed ones? Or of the news clothes I didn't get to wear? And the places I wanted to visit? Or will these not make sense at all? Will I be already curious to see who cries when I die? Brr.. Sends chills down my bones.

I pray every one of us have lived a fulfilling life before time comes to us. Lets be kind. Lets cherish friendships. Lets cherish relationships. Because what are we once we are not, only but faded memories. And to all the departed souls, I pray you find peace. Amen.

And if this doesn’t work for you (doesn’t work for me, nay), before time stops before you, go to Kamar-Taj, see the Ancient one, be a sorcerer, find the eye of Agamotto, create a time loop, live there. Repeat.