Sunday, December 25, 2016

Renouncing Superstitious Believes, Part- 1

A few mornings ago, as I was getting dressed up for work, my sister cried, “You have worn your kira inside-out”. Well, instead of being thankful to her for saving me the embarrassments had I gone office that way, my first instinct was to whine, “Why did you have to tell me? I would have seen it anyway, once I had my glasses on!” (I did that pretty much Joey Tribbiani style, only she didn't get it? :P)

I reacted thus, considering the superstitious belief of how if we wear a cloth inside-out and we see it first ourselves, it will bring us good luck. While if someone else sees it before us, bad luck.

I immediately regretted, however didn’t apologise, because as she said, maybe I have grown up. So grown up to give her any explanation to my reaction, which I know I owed her, fair and square. Grown up, to not be able to swallow that ego, or pride or whatever that was that led me respond that way, and couldn’t pull that pinkie out to make peace. Or grown up, just because she said so and that made me furious? Well, anyway, we had a bad start to our day. But the only bad thing that happened that day or the next or the next was that fight I had with my sister which led to a whole grumpy situation for the next few days. I could have avoided all these bad had I not reacted in haste like a nuclear missile.

First resolution for the new year: renouncing superstitious believes. May the force be with me 😉